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Precaution When travelling In Himalya

You should be aware of the mores, values and norms of the regions that you visit and pass through. Try to abide by them to avoid any resentment.

Be humble and polite with fellow travelers and the local people. Good relations always come in handy and locals can prove to be ideal guides

Follow the rules and regulations of various places. Monuments should not be defaced by graffiti.

Avoid disturbing wildlife. Shooting or hunting is strictly prohibited. Flowers should not be plucked or uprooted. Take photographs instead.

When you go to religious sites, abstain from alcohol and con-vegetarian diets. People are very sensitive about the purity of their revered places.

If you have to relieve yourself, dig a hole and do so. Replace the turf when you’re done. Avoid polluting the water and air.

Never throw garbage near streams or rivers or into the water. Dump or destroy the litter.

Do not throw stones or dislodge boulders. Avoid making a commotion in the hilly areas.

Do not burn fires in the forests or in any other phase of your journey. Try to conserve the resources that nature offers.

Bring a medical kit with you. And always be prepared for unforeseen consequences like avalanches, landslides, rough weather etc.

If necessary, change your route but be sure of where you are going. Do not hesitate to ask of directions.

Drink safe/boiled water. It is always better to carry your own provisions for food.

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